Please note: Currently we do not have Keraflex in stock and are unsure if or when we will have it back in stock.


Keraflex opens up a world of possibilities and applications previously unattainable in clay.
The green strength of the Keraflex sheets offers the most amazing breakthrough technology
for both 2 and 3d ceramic art work.


Keraflex Sheet Size

Keraflex Porcelain tape is available in packs of five large sheets in two different thicknesses: 0.5mm or 1.0mm thick.
Sheet size: 11 ¾” x 16 ⅝” / 420mm x 297mm (ISO: A3) 

If you are unsure which thickness might be best suited to your requirements, it really is advisable to test both thicknesses. As with any other clay medium - testing is vital to the success of any project. We have included a broad comparison below between the two thicknesses, but the best method is to try them and see!

Keraflex Sheet Thickness 0.5mm or 1.0mm

0.5mm:The 0.5mm thick Keraflex Porcelain sheets are a little more easily manipulated into 3d forms, and once fired are slightly more translucent than the thicker 1.0mm sheets. However, as you would expect, the finished product is also a little more fragile. We would recommend this thickness for very complex forms with multiple folds.
1.0mm:The 1.0mm Keraflex Porcelain sheets are a little stronger but a little more care is needed if multiple folds are desired. We recommend this thickness for all 2d work or less complex folded forms or for constructed work. This thickness may respond better should you wish to glaze. Either thickness is suitable for laminated or constructed work, using both would create an interesting effect if the work was to be back-lit.

Keraflex Slurry:The Keraflex slurry is available in our new 8oz/240ml wide mouthed jar for ease of stirring.