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Joy Trpkovic 

My work, whether in painting or ceramics has always been an individual response to wild coasts, deep and ancient history of landscape and the power of the sea to shape and erode. 
Natural forms, - strata, shells, fossils and flora are catalysts for my creativity. When modeling and carving porcelain I strive for ethereal delicacy.

Recently I have experimented extensively with Keraflex sheet as vehicle for my passion for risk and unpredictability inherent in high fired porcelain. Initially I didn’t like it. I found the plastic rubbery aspect of the damp sheet annoying and inflexible as my work had previously involved only my hands and the simplest tools - pinching and blending and hand carving porcelain. After many experiments pushing the boundaries of this material to make the most unlikely vessels - tall and skinny and paper thin - I have developed and understanding of Keraflex that has added a new direction and unique development to my work.

I have made most of my vessels in 0.5mm Keraflex with 1mm bases. Recently I have been using more of the 1mm sheet to make usable vases, piercing and embossing by hand to retain translucency. Vessels are glazed on the inside. I have found that Keraflex can still remain slightly porous even at 1280 centigrade after the organic polymer has burnt out. I have glazed some vessels with a coloured matt glaze to see how the glaze ‘fit”  a  vertical object made in 0.5 Keraflex. I have fired some of my vessels  to 1280 centigrade from greenware and others have been biscuit fired to 1100 centigrade, then glazed and fired to 1280 C. Both methods work. Most have been fired twice and all in an oxidising atmosphere in an electric kiln.

My new vessels have drawn motifs in a black ceramic pencil and/or onglaze colour fired to 720 C. I have also used offcuts from making vessels to make brooches. Joy Trpkovic 2012

Artist:Joy Trpkovic. Lace Series. Processes/Medium:Vessel:Keraflex 0.5mm, Base:Keraflex 1.0mm. Twice Fired Oxidation. Dimensions:variable, largest 32cm x 4cm. Year:2012. Courtesy of the Artist. All Rights Reserved.