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Rebecca Hannon

"When fired, Keraflex transforms into an almost weightless, luminescent, pure porcelain form."

Rebecca Hannon

Keraflex Porcelain is an ideal jewelry making material for original, wearable works of art. Rebecca Hannon has been using Keraflex for jewelry making for a number of years, and has introduced Keraflex to her students through her jewelry workshops and classes. For more examples of Rebecca's and other jewelry artists work with Keraflex Porcelain, see the Keraflex Gallery.

"I gravitated to Keraflex because of my enduring interest in paper cutting and paper folding across cultures.
In its green state, Keraflex is incredibly easy to cut, stamp, notch and fold to create three-dimensional forms, much like paper. When fired Keraflex transforms into an almost weightless, luminescent, pure porcelain form. By wrapping and layering the Keraflex, artists can build strength in the material and explore its amazing translucency.

Coming from a jewelry background, the fineness of the material, ease of use and affordability were a big draw. What has sustained my interest is beginning to understand the nature of Keraflex, its strengths and limitations, and how these can be fully integrated with metal to create innovative pieces of adornment."
Rebecca Hannon

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Artist:Rebecca Hannon. Processes/Medium:Keraflex Porcelain 1.0mm, Sterling Silver, Steel. Dimensions: 3''x1.5''x3'' Year:2010. Image Courtesy the Artist. All Rights Reserved.