Jamie Kozlowski 


"The PC Substrate sheets may also be used to apply crystalline glazes to. Fired flat,
the glazes don't run and allow a thick enough glaze matrix to
develop macro and micro crystals."
Robin Hopper

Jamie Kozlowski has been producing some jaw dropping crystalline glaze results on our PC Substrates. These glazes look even more incredible when lit from behind, as shown in the example above.

"Using my own crystalline glazes on the PC Substrates has presented a unique opportunity for me to use a different type of surface for growing zinc silicate crystals.

After a few immediate successes and failures, then many trial firings – I was able to develop more colors, shapes and sizes of crystals on the PC Substrates.   I am excited about the potential applications for the finished, glazed PCS tiles.

I have had to modify my own glazes somewhat to make the transfer from hand thrown porcelain vases to this particular flat surface and material.

Crystalline glazes are very sensitive to any type of variable, including the form of the piece, where it is in the kiln, exact firing temperatures, recipe contents, and most particularly the type of clay body it is being applied to.

Typically a high alumina clay body does not fare well with crystalline glazes because the glaze will leach alumina from the clay body itself.  Too much alumina in a crystalline glaze will slow the growth of crystals, or can eliminate them all together.

I have been able to “force” crystalline growth on the high alumina content PC Substrate tiles by adding layers of porcelain engobe to the tile and making modifications to the glaze recipe itself to allow for a higher percentage of zinc oxide and silica in the glaze than I would normally use on a regular porcelain body.

Some glaze combinations work directly on the PCS surface itself without the need for an engobe, which has put a new twist on my usual colors that I have not seen on any other porcelain.

I’m looking forward to developing product lines for PC Substrates, and have enjoyed working with Ceramic Art Cart during these introductory phases of the exciting new materials they offer." Jamie Kozlowski. Wizard of Clay Pottery

Jamie's other incredible crystalline pursuits can be viewed at his Wizard of Clay Website  HERE  
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Artist:Jamie Kozlowski. Title:Untitled (Test) Processes/Medium:PC Substrate, Crystalline Glaze, Oxidation Cone 10. Dimensions:5.5x6.5x.100'' Year:2012 Photography:Rachel Kingston.