Paul Lewing


"All in all, I found them a joy to work on.  They are really suited to a bold application of paint, and their translucency opens up many interesting possibilities." Paul Lewing

Artist Paul Lewing and a number of other artists tested the suitability of our PC Substrate for china painting, with a particular focus on testing for any potential reactivity. It should be noted that advanced ceramic substrates from other online china painting suppliers, have been found to be reactive,  eg. green china paints often fire brown. 
PC Substrates are the only advanced ceramic substrate that are guaranteed non-reactive!
If you prefer to paint on a glazed surface you can glaze PCS with any clear glaze and fire to any temperature, although please note that your china paints will not react to PCS but they may react to a glaze, so please test first. Other artists enjoy the silky-smooth finish on PC Substrates, and prefer to paint on the unglazed surface. Unglazed PCS has a similar feel to watercolor paper, with strength that far exceeds that of a porcelain tile.
For more examples of china painting on PCS, please see the PCS Gallery page on this site. 

Here Paul discusses his findings...

"China painting on the PC Substrates with china paints was almost like painting on any other vitreous surface. On one hand, the slightly matte surface "grabs" the brush a little more than a glossy surface, enabling you to make strong intense colored brush strokes without as much of the brush leaving its trail, and since the substrates are not glazed, dark greens and blacks do not seem to chip off, as they do on some glazed tiles. On the other hand, the matte surface takes a bit of the sheen off some colors of china paint.

I tested 16 different brands and shades of yellow on both a ceramic tile and PC Substrates. They all came out identical, except for a very slight loss of gloss in some of the colors on the PC Substrates.  My conclusion was that no colors of china paint were affected by the underlying PC Substrate.

All in all, I found PC Substrates a joy to work on.  They are really suited to a bold application of paint, and their translucency opens up many interesting possibilities...I think china painters will find them intriguing!"
Paul Lewing

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Artist: Paul Lewing, Title:Cutthroat Peak, Materials/Techniques: PC Substrates, China Paints Multi-Fired Cone 016. Dimensions:5.5''x7.5''x.100''. Year:2011 Image Courtesy of the Artist. All Rights Reserved. More examples of Paul Lewings Artwork can be seen in the PC Substrates™ Gallery.