"PC Substrates™ - sheer magic in it's potential! It's use for painting and drawing with ceramic glazes and other ceramic mediums opens up potential that previously was just a dream." "
Robin Hopper


This wonderful DVD, Inspiration and Interpretation from Rushing Waters Studio Productions explores the Creative Process from Vision to Reality.

Using four different series from his diverse range of Ceramic work, Robin explains WHERE
the idea started, WHY the technical and process decisions were made, and HOW the personal
journey proceeded from start to finish. 

The processes shown are Agateware, Slipware - Dotting and Mocha Diffusions, Majolica-Style painted decoration on Porcelain, and the use of our PC SUBSTRATES™ for Ceramic Drawings and Glaze Paintings! 

Robin's groundbreaking new work on PC Substrates™ is explored thoroughly
in this DVD. A MUST for artists who are intrigued by the potential of this new ceramic product.
Robin has been using and testing a range of advanced ceramic substrates for almost two years now.
PC Substrates™ is fully endorsed by Robin Hopper as the ONLY advanced ceramic substrate that he uses
due to its strength, non-reactivity, translucency and its seductively smooth drawing and painting surface!
Also the ONLY advanced Ceramic Substrate that has been approved by a toxicologist according to ASTM D-4236.

PC Substrates™ is available ONLY through ceramicARTcart 
Robin Hopper's fascinating new DVD Inspiration and Interpretation
is available from the Ceramic Art Cart online store