"An ingenious design – simple, adjustable, light weight, and clean-looking. Bravo!"

Linda Arbuckle


Smarthanger is simply the best plate or tile hanger available! With its zip up attachment and swiveling hooks, all plates and tiles between 6"-14" can be held safely and easily with a maximum weight of 3.3lbs. 

Smarthanger is made from premium plastics, strong, flexible and durable nylon 66 for the strap and ultra tough, clear polycarbonate for the hooks.

Because Smarthanger does not use springs to attach, it places very little stress on the item. Without any metal parts, Smarthanger will not scratch or damage edges. Smarthanger can be removed and re-used over and over again!

Please see the Smarthanger images page to see Smarthanger in action!

Easy to use, simply follow these four steps:

1. Extend the plate hanger by lifting the lever (A) then slide triangle down the track (Figure 1)

2. Place the clear hooks over the edge of the item to be hung and holding the (B) tabs, zip up until firm.

3. Cut off any excess strap (C) with scissors. (Figure 2)

4. Bend the loop (D) out at the top of the strap and insert over wall hook or nail. The Smarthanger can be easily removed and re-used.